1. Order
Orders can be placed through our website or phone. Purchase agreements will only meet when we confirm the order.

2. Payment
Hazeland reserves the right to price change without prior notification. Please note that if a weborder has been restad for a long time, we reserve the right to change the price due to currency fluctuations and other factors that are beyond our control. If that happens, the customer will be notified of this before delivery to get the option to cancel the order.

3. Shipping
If nothing else is specified, all packages with DHL Mail packages are sent against cash advances for individuals and DHL business packages for companies.
However, we do not send with DHL to, among other things, the GB, IT, CH, GR, etc.

In some cases, the package will not have tracking numbers, this usually means shorter delivery time.

Free shipping is not the same as free return. We renounce any responsibility and transfer any return solution and costs to the customer.

We are normally accommodating and want to make it easier for our customers in the best way and can possibly help the customer with shipping notes and shipping at its normal cost to the customer.

If you have other requests regarding the shipping method, contact Hazeland by phone or email. 

4. Delivery time
Delivery of goods we have in stock normally takes place 1-2 working days after the order has been placed, if the order has been submitted before 10.00. In case a commodity is out of stock or must be ordered, the delivery time may be slightly longer. 

5. Open purchase
You have the right to undo a purchase within 14 days or 10 working days. The right of withdrawal only applies if the product you have received is kept in essentially unchanged condition. Please note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to products modified. The refund applies only to the value of the commodity (shipping and handling fees removed).

Open purchases do not apply to specially ordered goods.

6. Warranty
All goods in our range are subject to at least one (1) year guarantee unless otherwise stated, with the exception of consumables. If a product is covered with more than a year's warranty, this will be listed separately on the invoice/receipt.

7. Complaint/Return of goods
When returning for whatever reason, you as a customer should always contact us, if possible by phone for the fastest handling, before the item is sent in. You will then receive a service/case number that should be clearly marked. All returns must be sent as a Business Package and it is wise to save your package number until the case is closed.

In order to plead to be incorrect, the customer must report this immediately when the error is detected.

Visible error: To be notified directly upon receipt of the commodity. If it is an obvious freight damage, this should be handled with the freight forwarder for the goods in question.

Hidden error: To be notified within three days of receiving the commodity.

We account for all shipping costs if we have done wrong and for shipping to customers in the event of defective products. The customer accounts for the shipping costs when switching and when returning the defect be, the customer accounts for the shipping cost to us. Returns of defective goods that prove to be flawless are returned to the sender and charged the 350-year-old test fee, including VAT and the addition of shipping costs. Goods sent back for return apply to packaging according to original packaging.  

8. Other
Minor persons cannot order goods without the permission of a goalkeeper.
Force majoure — All obstacles beyond our control are deprived of all responsibility for. Untriggered packages are charged with 10% of the value of goods, however, at least 200:- excl VAT and round-trip delivery costs. We do not directly or indirectly replace the damage caused by our delivery later than agreed.
In the event of a dispute, we follow the decision of the General Complaints Board.
By order, all our conditions are approved.
Subject to any reservation for any inaccuracies in price and information.